Tour EP 2011

by This Is Your Life

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released April 1, 2011

All songs written by This is Your Life. This EP was recorded by Robert Cheeseman at No Control Studios in Richmond, VA in winter 2010. Mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering. Check out!!!



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This Is Your Life Richmond, Virginia

This is Your Life is a 5-piece melodic hardcore band from Richmond, VA. Formed in the spring of 2010, TIYL has stayed active over the last two years making a name for themselves in RVA, releasing a self-titled 7” and Tour E.P., as well as plugging away over two months on the road. With a solidified lineup and debut full-length set to record, 2012 is looking to be an exciting year for the dudes. ... more

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Track Name: Brace the Door
The faster we run, the quicker we'll fall
The harder we try, the harsher the burn
The sooner the end, the further we'll crawl
You may push, they will pull

And when you think you're there, you've got a long way to fall
When the anguish feels so cold that you can hardly even move
When you're so sick, the poison's seeping through your soul
You'll feel your greatest high, turn to low

And it's all coming to an end scream we know and we and know
And when it comes to take us in we won't go, we won't go
I will not give in, I'll flush the key and brace the door
Before I turn back to the person that you thought you knew before
Track Name: Remnants
Acceptance, it's spelled out right here with these words
It's taken countless selfish years for me to finally start to grow
Out of my mind, time spent peering into yours
Instead of facing my self-depriving gutless fears alone

We'll I'm letting go to everything that I used to know
We sold our souls, for a glimpse of stories still yet to be told

We've grown older but our problems just still seem to remain
Haunting fears, transgressed our years, time spent, wasting away
What do you think? What do I know?
We cycle on and on

Look me in the face and I'll tell you everything that you're thinking, that you're thinking
Pick me up from the remnants of the ground where I was standing, I was standing

I'll toss this match I'll burn this resonance into the fucking ground
I won't look back, won't retract a single word that I have said
The future's unwritten, if I can learn to let it go
Product of experience, this experience is grasping to hold

And I can't let go, please don't let go, and I swear I won't let go

You'll have to leave this all behind
You'll learn to leave this all behind
You'll have to leave this all behind
This change will come from the inside

Please don't let go, and I swear I won't let go
Track Name: High Tide
I wish I had the guts to spill what I'm thinking
Instead I'll cover my words in this cadence

Tell me you feel alive, and you're content with your life
Cause I'm all ears tonight, this table's cleared for another lie
How are you satisfied? To wake up, embrace routine
Those precious times you've missed, they won't be coming back

Our lives go in and out like the tide
To feel those waves crashing down upon my side
To feel that sun radiate across my chest
The only place where peace and mindset intersect

Take a step outside, take some time to evaluate
Gaze into the sky, you'll be surprised by what you see
When we slow things down, and take a breath for ourselves
With tough decisions made, you'll lose your faith in honesty

It's times like these, I hardly know myself

I won't regress, into something that I am not
And I'll refuse what's been presented before me
And I will face this coming storm by myself
Embrace these fears on the horizon by myself

To feel those waves...
Track Name: Songs of Experience
This world has taken everything from me, but I'll spit right back
Can't take this rising pressure, just focusing on how to breath
I am broken, but I'll cast tape around my knees
This life will be my crutch, giving in means defeat

Tie me to the mast, for I am anchor-less
I have nothing left, except resilience
I've said it all before, I fear this coming storm
I hear the creaking floor, behind the shadows

Remember when we felt alive? It seems so far now, I'm so far gone
Remember when this world was ours? We had it in us, then it was stolen

Take it back, take it back, you can count me out
This is my everyday, I'm jaded from failing

I can't take this pressure
Refuse to surrender
The truth turns me bitter
I won't let this fade away

I know of the danger
Let go of what haunts you
I hear piercing sirens
En route to take me away

And maybe what we lack, we've had all along
It's been inside us, and they can't take that
I'm so far gone, but I will wake another day
I'll step into this world, and try not to scream

One day I'll look back and say, I don't regret a single thing

We've traveled so far now, there is no turn around
I'll pay the consequence, not blame the influence
Focus on what we have, I will embrace these days
Forget what we lack, it's been inside us all along