.​.​.​Into a Golden Age

from by This Is Your Life



Is this who I am? For what it’s worth
I would sing you every bridge, every chorus, every verse
If I could take control, and just let this go
Freeing my mind, I’d self-control
But that’s not who I am, I’m wrapped up inside
I’m killing myself, I lost all my pride
I couldn’t be the man, to hold you at night and free you of fear
Well I fear myself, and what I’ve become
A shell of a ghost, a pathetic son

Oh the rain, how it crashes down
It will rinse us away, yet keep us in place
All our problems, we build up inside
We create our own barriers, walls to climb
It’s pathetic, when we lay it all out
To waste another breath on these asinine doubts
Our lives are in our hands, though we have no control
So cherish every sunrise, every sunset, every moon

Are you ready for the real me? My insecurities, my fear and apathy?
Can you see right past my anger? Just words on paper?

I think it’s time that we took control, dropped our egos, released our faith in ghosts
I’m growing tired of complaining, why are we waiting? I’ve got myself to blame
And if we keep our heads, so far in the past, we’ll never realize, beauty fades so fast
If we can actualize, these are our golden times, we’ve got a chance to make, something real with our lives
Before we fade away, into a golden age…

How many times, have we paced these city streets?
Just to find, not an answer or relief
We’re stuck inside, and it’s tearing us apart
Beauty fades, let’s embrace this golden age

If I could turn back time, I’d write a letter for myself to find
With simple words, and simple verse, to reassure that my heart is first
In every choice that I make, and every chance that I choose to take
Cause’ even though we’re growing old, tonight is beauty, today is gold


from Before We Fade Away, released September 4, 2012



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This Is Your Life Richmond, Virginia

This is Your Life is a 5-piece melodic hardcore band from Richmond, VA. Formed in the spring of 2010, TIYL has stayed active over the last two years making a name for themselves in RVA, releasing a self-titled 7” and Tour E.P., as well as plugging away over two months on the road. With a solidified lineup and debut full-length set to record, 2012 is looking to be an exciting year for the dudes. ... more

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