Arrivals and Departures

from by This Is Your Life



Nothing stays the same
For very long, with heavy hearts, we carry on
We reminisce, we criticize, we self-destruct and swallow pride
We lay awake, all through the night, we contemplate, then apologize
Those words meant more than you could know

Just like arrivals and departures, we come and go so soon
If I can bite my tongue, can we pretend that you can too?
For just tonight I’ll forgive but not forget all of these wounds
Would you do the same? If I asked the same of you?
Just for tonight

You set me up, I took the fall
When I needed you, you forgot your role
These memories, I’ll recreate
This bitterness, it will not fade
Time has passed, strive to move on
Anchors aweigh, into the sun
I’ll let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
Fuck no I won’t

Prepare to make that mistake again
Each time, you let, someone in
Prepare to feel that sting again
Every beginning leads to an end


from Before We Fade Away, released September 4, 2012



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This Is Your Life Richmond, Virginia

This is Your Life is a 5-piece melodic hardcore band from Richmond, VA. Formed in the spring of 2010, TIYL has stayed active over the last two years making a name for themselves in RVA, releasing a self-titled 7” and Tour E.P., as well as plugging away over two months on the road. With a solidified lineup and debut full-length set to record, 2012 is looking to be an exciting year for the dudes. ... more

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