Before We Fade Away

by This Is Your Life

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The debut full length from Richmond, VA's This Is Your Life


released September 4, 2012

All songs written by This Is Your Life
Produced by This Is Your Life and Robert Cheeseman
recorded by Robert Cheeseman at No Control Studios
mixed by Robert Brand at Synergy Studios
Mastered by Bill Azimuth at Azimuth Mastering
Artwork by Jake Cunningham



all rights reserved


This Is Your Life Richmond, Virginia

This is Your Life is a 5-piece melodic hardcore band from Richmond, VA. Formed in the spring of 2010, TIYL has stayed active over the last two years making a name for themselves in RVA, releasing a self-titled 7” and Tour E.P., as well as plugging away over two months on the road. With a solidified lineup and debut full-length set to record, 2012 is looking to be an exciting year for the dudes. ... more

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Track Name: Arrivals and Departures
Nothing stays the same
For very long, with heavy hearts, we carry on
We reminisce, we criticize, we self-destruct and swallow pride
We lay awake, all through the night, we contemplate, then apologize
Those words meant more than you could know

Just like arrivals and departures, we come and go so soon
If I can bite my tongue, can we pretend that you can too?
For just tonight I’ll forgive but not forget all of these wounds
Would you do the same? If I asked the same of you?
Just for tonight

You set me up, I took the fall
When I needed you, you forgot your role
These memories, I’ll recreate
This bitterness, it will not fade
Time has passed, strive to move on
Anchors aweigh, into the sun
I’ll let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
Fuck no I won’t

Prepare to make that mistake again
Each time, you let, someone in
Prepare to feel that sting again
Every beginning leads to an end
Track Name: Anchor
Buildings will fall all around me
The darkness will come
The tension's been stirring inside me
These regrets hit home

And we will take what we can get, while still searching for glowing lights
And we will burn ever bright, like stars exploding across the sky

I don't think I want to know, how it feels to let it go, no matter the reason
I don't think I'm ready for sleepless nights spent on the floor, no matter the reason

There are options in our lives
Paths to follow open wide
So much confusion, so much self-doubt
Embrace the journey, burn it down

We all believe that we'll find what we're searching for
We all believe that the coastline is just out of sight
Track Name: Purgatory
Your eyes are closed, but do you think that I don’t know, that you’re living miserable?
It’s sink or swim, I can’t keep drowning here
Just this once, could life please go my way? I’ve spent months consumed by hate
Just this once, place your trust in me, this could lead to better things

If I could, I would do anything
I don’t want to watch you
I don’t want to let you fall
I can’t watch you fall

Together, we can fill the void inside, all our lives
Together, with our backs against the wall, we still won’t fall

We can stand strong, against them all
Track Name: Blackout Curtains
If these streets were paved in gold, would I even care at all?
Would I crave a piece of them? Would it become my medicine?
If the sky fell tonight, would I even close my eyes?
Or breathe down the ash and sing, a farewell with “Fuck This Place”

I can’t get back everything I've lost or never had
And this day to day, it feels so fucking meaningless
So I'll sit and sift, sift through the past
And watch the ghosts float through my head

I don't know if I can do this, I don't know if I can take this
I don't know where I went wrong, but I've got a clue

Cause’ even the biggest hearts, can be shattered
Cause’ even the strongest wills, will be broken
Now I've got a clue

So I'll slip into the past and dream another dream
And when I wake, I will forget everything
It’s back to reality

I've been watching you, I've seen you force it down
I'm feeling numb like you, my head’s been floating with the clouds

This is no way to live your life, holding everything back, running out of time
This is no way to live your life, holding everything in, letting regret win
We’re running out of time

Will you be there, when the sun hits my eyes?
Track Name: The Wall
Smashed out the windows in my room
Taped up the broken glass, I’m taping up myself too
Cracked all my records, put fists through walls
Flipped all bookcases, now I’ve got room to grow

Living life for the mystery, I’m just like you, I’m just like you
Trying so hard to cut free, I’m just like you, I’m just like you
I’ve been feeling so low, I’m just like you, I’m just like you
Like I’ve got no place left to go, I’m just like you, I’m just like you

If this is it, then I fucking quit

When you feel like you’re going nowhere, understand that I’m going nowhere too
When you feel like your ship is sailing, sometimes, I feel the same way too
Just like you

Months turn into years turn into decades

Did you know? Did you think that?
You would hit the wall so soon?

Oh how the years, slip by
Track Name: 2905
I tried to run to the desert, but my legs gave out on me
I tried to hide myself in Flushing Station, but that train wasn’t bound for me

There are times when I question every choice I’ve made
Every single step, to where I wake up every day
There are days lost just wondering
What the skyline holds, what the horizon brings

But this is where I want to be
Staring down from a rooftop balcony
But this is where I want to be

There are times, when this city springs to life again
And it radiates through me, every brick from every street
These are the days that I’ve only ever dreamt about
Finding my time and place, breaking away from all I hate

I can paint the picture in my head, before I take those stairs again
Every dive and corner store, every park and weathered porch
That carries me back to my feet, fills my cup down familiar streets
It leaves me with the feeling I have found a home
Cause’ when I’m here, I’m not alone
I am not alone

I sold it all for a one-way ticket
The morning came, but I just could not seem to leave
Track Name: High Tide
Tell me you feel alive, and you're content with your life
Cause I'm all ears tonight, this table's cleared for another lie
Tell me you’re satisfied, to wake up, embrace routine
Those precious times you've missed, they won't be coming back

Our lives go in and out like the tide
To feel those waves crashing down upon my side
To feel that sun radiate across my chest
The only place where peace and mindset intersect

Take a step outside, take some time to evaluate
Gaze into the sky, you'll be surprised by what you see
When we slow things down, and take a breath for ourselves
With tough decisions made, you'll lose your faith in honesty

It's times like these, I hardly know myself

I won't regress, into something that I am not
And I'll refuse what's been presented before me
And I will face this coming storm by myself
Embrace these fears on the horizon by myself

To feel those waves...
Track Name: Distractions
I’ve wasted time, and countless nights figuring out what’s going through my mind, these days
I’ll tell you why I feel this way, to lay it out, life is pain, we’re living in distraction from the truth

Like endless summer nights, just like a coastline drive, what was once gold turns to grey
The perfect memory, your most cherished dream, you’re living life in fantasy
And that’s the problem

When the weight of the world comes crashing down, I won’t be there
When you reach for a helping hand, I can’t be there, I can’t be there, anymore

Sometimes what’s inside, we cannot define, with simple reasoning, when hearts are burning
When I’m feeling low, I take the long way home, to hear that song
Track Name: Songs of Experience
This world has taken everything from me, but I'll spit right back
Can't take this rising pressure, just focusing on how to breathe
I am broken, but I'll cast tape around my knees
This life will be my crutch, giving in means defeat

Tie me to the mast, for I am anchor-less
I have nothing left, except resilience
I've said it all before, I fear this coming storm
I hear the creaking floor, behind the shadows

Remember when we felt alive? It seems so far now, I'm so far gone
Remember when this world was ours? We had it in us, then it was stolen

Take it back, take it back, you can count me out
This is my everyday, I'm jaded from failing

I can't take this pressure
Refuse to surrender
The truth turns me bitter
I won't let this fade away

I know of the danger
Let go of what haunts you
I hear piercing sirens
En route to take me away

And maybe what we lack, we've had all along
It's been inside us, and they can't take that
I'm so far gone, but I will wake another day
I'll step into this world, and try not to scream

One day I'll look back and say, I don't regret a single thing

We've traveled so far now, there is no turn around
I'll pay the consequence, not blame the influence
Focus on what we have, I will embrace these days
Forget what we lack, it's been inside us all along
Track Name: Real Talk
Is there anything, I’d rather do, then waste away my days with you?
With open hearts, and troubled minds, there’s verity behind those eyes
You took the time to relate, now let’s take some time to evaluate
Everything our mind’s tend to create, that leaves us
Down and out, and questioning, every choice, most everything
That is positive in our lives

If we have nothing, then we have nothing to lose
Cherish the memories, they’re all we have but they’re all we need
If this is something, I’d like to share it with you
This is my therapy, spilling guts to medicate
Time has proven, that we’ve got nothing to prove

Take pride, no compromise
There’s no, no compromise
Track Name: ...Into a Golden Age
Is this who I am? For what it’s worth
I would sing you every bridge, every chorus, every verse
If I could take control, and just let this go
Freeing my mind, I’d self-control
But that’s not who I am, I’m wrapped up inside
I’m killing myself, I lost all my pride
I couldn’t be the man, to hold you at night and free you of fear
Well I fear myself, and what I’ve become
A shell of a ghost, a pathetic son

Oh the rain, how it crashes down
It will rinse us away, yet keep us in place
All our problems, we build up inside
We create our own barriers, walls to climb
It’s pathetic, when we lay it all out
To waste another breath on these asinine doubts
Our lives are in our hands, though we have no control
So cherish every sunrise, every sunset, every moon

Are you ready for the real me? My insecurities, my fear and apathy?
Can you see right past my anger? Just words on paper?

I think it’s time that we took control, dropped our egos, released our faith in ghosts
I’m growing tired of complaining, why are we waiting? I’ve got myself to blame
And if we keep our heads, so far in the past, we’ll never realize, beauty fades so fast
If we can actualize, these are our golden times, we’ve got a chance to make, something real with our lives
Before we fade away, into a golden age…

How many times, have we paced these city streets?
Just to find, not an answer or relief
We’re stuck inside, and it’s tearing us apart
Beauty fades, let’s embrace this golden age

If I could turn back time, I’d write a letter for myself to find
With simple words, and simple verse, to reassure that my heart is first
In every choice that I make, and every chance that I choose to take
Cause’ even though we’re growing old, tonight is beauty, today is gold